Alex AlberolaAlex Alberola was born in Barcelona, Spain. He is the founder and director of Ballroom Salsa Dance Company since late 2010. In the beginning it was originated as a salsa on1 dance company mixed with ballroom dance, later specializing in bachatango and sensual bachata. Alex has previously dance background as a dancer, trainer and instructor of ballroom dance for many years. During his training as dancer, Alex has received lessons from the most prestigious dancers all around Europe and he has been dancer of the Adrian and Anita Amateur Dance Company and Acento Latino. Today He is travelling around the world at different bachata festival, teaching and giving shows. Alex is know to create a nice atmosphere in his classes, but at the same time keeping the quality of the teaching.

Laura RubiaLaura Rubia was born in Barcelona, Spain. She started her dance life already as a young girl. Later on she starts working and dancing for Ballroom Salsa Dance Company since late 2013. Laura has dancing background in many areas such as: classic, jazz, funky, contemporary, flamenco and salsa. She has been a dancer for Adrián and Anita Amateur Dance Company, among other musical companies. She has also been dancing for several artists in TV. Due to her diversified dance background, she has developed an unique style that are very much appreciated among her students.

Andres PirezAndrés Pirez comes from Montevideo, capital of Uruguay. He began his first steps in 2000 salsa Cuban style learning an important Uruguayan salsa club then make presentations at various events with a small group of salsa dance called “Salsa Clash”. In 2003 he started learning Salsa Los Angeles Style, Afro-Cuban dance, Rumba in the largest school in Montevideo called Promúsica in which teaches a recognized Cuban professor named Wilfredo Acosta, a former dancer of the famous company Tropicana and Afro Cuba. In 2005 he joined the dance company Diákara Salsa which has been directed by Professor Wilfredo Acosta. With Diákara Salsa Andrés made many presentations in theaters, and international salsa congresses grow as a dancer in the Los Angeles style.
In March 2007 he moved to live in Barcelona to join the nice salsa atmosphere in this city and this country. Andrés has taught salsa in Uruguay since 2004 in various establishments such as: Corpus Fitness & Dance, Equilibrium Dance, Promúsica school and elsewhere. In Barcelona Andrés began teaching at the school Salsabor and after in BuenaVista Salsa (Mojito Club Barcelona), Mojito Bar Terrassa, Fusion Style, Tao Do, Icarus Club, LaRoom, Moving and Manisero Salsa among others.
In September 2009 Andrés & Trini create “Cocolos” amateur company to show what with hard work and dedication can get from people who want to start in the world of the performance without being professional. Premiered his first choreography “Agárrate” in April 2010 and today Cocolos continues doing shows everywhere.
In 2012 Andrés and Trini join two professors (Marta Canals and Mura Hajaoui) and form a company called “So You Dance?” and made a choreography called “Aqui traigo mi montuno”.
Andrés teaches salsa LA style and sensual bachata with Trini at the Manisero de la Salsa school in Sabadell and school Salsa BuenaVista Mojito Group in Barcelona doing what he likes best, teaching and salsa dancing.

Trini VillaTrini Villa started dancing salsa as a hobby with a group of friends in his neighborhood in L`Hospitalet de Llobregat. She began learning Cuban style in 2003 but without actually knowing the family atmosphere that salsa moves in Barcelona. In 2005 her dance partner at that moment entered in the contest held every year in the Antilla where they finish in 5th position over 20 couples. From that moment she began to move in the environment of Salsa Club’s learning and increasing her experience in LA style. In late 2005 she joined Son del Barrio, which was known as a second company of Salsa del Barrio in which he served for one year dancing for congresses such as Cádiz, Jaén, Murcia, etc. and salsa clubs of Barcelona and Terrassa Mojito Bar, La Clave, El Manisero de la Salsa in Sabadell, etc. In 2007 she attended courses taught by other teachers recognized in Spain, Emiliano and Alba Mythical Mambo, this time dancing On2 New York Style.
In September 2009 Andrés & Trini create Cocolos amateur company to show what with hard work and dedication can get from people who want to start in the world of the shows without being professional. Premiered his first choreography “Agárrate” in April 2010 and today Cocolos still dping their shows through clubs and congress. In 2012 Andrés and Trini join two teachers (Marta Canals and Mura Hajaoui) and form a company called “So You Dance?” with the choreography “Aqui traigo mi montuno”.
Trini Today is part of the Salsa family of Barcelona and teaches with Andres in Manisero de la Salsa in Sabadell and Salsa BuenaVista in Barcelona what once started as a hobby.

Elsa MendesElsa Mendes, born in Portugal, currently resides in Barcelona where she teaches various styles such as salsa, belly dance, kizomba and kizomba lady style. She firstly started her formation with Ballrom Dance in Espaço Latino in Portugal and some years later, already in Barcelona, continues her formation attending to salsa ON1 and ON2 classes, belly dance (Ballet Munique Neith Company), Arab flamenco fusion, classic, Afro Cuban and jazz classes.
Her first contact with kizomba was in Lisbon, which she felt in love with from the first moment inspired by its sensuality and connection. She stared there her trainning with some of the most prestigious kizomba teachers and dancers in the world such as Zé Barbosa, Tomás Keita, Afrolatin Connection and Petchu and Vanessa. She was a finalist in the International Championship of Kizomba, Africadançar in 2009, representing Spain. Also she has been teaching kizomba lady styling at several International festivals. Currently she teaches kizomba with her partner Sergi Gómez. They are known for their teaching skills and dance style and they have taught and performed at many kizomba and salsa events since they’ve started working together.

Sergi GomezSergi Gomez started his trainning with Latin rhythms i 2008 with teachers such as David y Gemma (Barcelona), Elsa Mendes (Portugal), Andrés y Trini (Barcelona), Super Mario (UK), and Korke y Judith (Spain). His first contact with kizomba was with Elsa Mendes, currently his dance partner. They have been teaching and performing at several salsa and kizomba festivals in Spain and abroad. From his first steps in African rhythms he has been trained for some of the most prestigius teachers in the world: Afrolatin Connection, Petchu y Vanessa, Joao y Mafalda, Zé Barbosa y Marta, Helio Santos, etc.
Also to complement his trainning he has taken tango, jazz and hip hop classes.

Javi RubioJavi Rubio
 was born in Spain. He began his career as a dancer in 2005 formed by various Cuban and LA teachers. In 2007 Javi became part of several companies like Jam Style (LA) and Real Calle de Jorge Camaguey (Cuban), and in the latter formed also in virtually all Cuban folklore: son, rumba, afro, stick. In 2009 he created his own company Dos Con 2 that has toured around Spain giving shows and workshops. He currently runs his own school in Barcelona.

More to come soon……