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Alexandra Dar – Lithuania

Aleksandra Dar, 25 year’s old,originally from Lithuania (people say tahat Lithuanians have temperament like Latino’s). When she was 6 years old she was practicing gymnastic and at 8 she joined the “cha cha” dancing group of her school. In 2009 she started dancing Cuban salsa, mambo and bachata but in 2010 she felt in love of kizomba. She started learning kizomba, dancing it, traveling around the world to attend the biggest festivals and following kizomba everywhere. In 2013 she moved to Oslo, prepared a show with her dancing partner and started to to give private lessons. Times on time she plays as a bachata and kizomba DJ in Oslo.

Livan Rondon – Cuba

Livan Rondon was born in Cuba. Since he was 14 he has been dancing on Cuban stages in his province Camagüey. Livan is licensed in Cuban folkloric dances, graduated at the Universidad de Arte de la Habana, the most important school in Cuba. He worked as a dancer in the first dancing group which had the national circus of Cuba and was part of the prestigious international Tropicana dance group. Due to his skill he has been frequently used on Cuban TV, dancing in the most famous TV programs in Cuba. The last couple og years at Cuba, before moving to Europe he start focusing more on coreography. Livan is now living in Oslo where he is teaching and travelling to congresses around Europe.

Jazzy Ruiz – Guatemala

Jazzy Ruiz started his dance career at the age of 5 at his parents’ dance school in Antigua, Guatemala. He received a broad dance education in jazz, contemporary dance, ballet, break dance, hip hop, Latin jazz, flamenco and other Latin dances such as salsa, mambo, Afro-Cuban and show dance. Inspired by his artistic heritage, he began his work as an instructor at the age of 15 at his family’s dance school, and also at cultural centers and events. After leaving Guatemala, Jazzy continued his education at “Den Norske Ballethøyskolen” in Oslo and graduated with a Bachelor degree in Performing Arts and Pedagogy. During his studies he went to Cuba where he studied ballet, contemporary and Afro Cuban dances at “Ballet Nacional de Cuba of Alicia Alonso”. He started his international career as a professional dancer and instructor in 2001, when he was touring Europe, among other places,as a representative for Norway. He started his own dance school in 2002. Jazzy has participated in various TV shows like “So you think you can dance ?” and “Norway Got Talent” .

DJ Kasra – Norway

DJ Kasra is the DJ whose music you’ve enjoyed during most of the major Latin events in Oslo in 2013. Kasra stepped into the world of salsa in 2009 and felt captivated by the Latin beat ever since. It was his love for the music that led him to step behind the DJ booth. He debuted as DJ on the Oslo Bachata Festival this year and is now playing every week on several regular parties. His DJ spectrum is wide, covering all styles of salsa and bachata, and as of recently kizomba. He says salsa is his first love, bachata his greatest, and kizomba his newest. He will also the DJ coordinator for Knut Erik Production’s events and festivals.

Gordon Kizz – France

Gordon Kizz was born in Vinne, France and moved later to Marseille where he works in the opera. At young age Gordon started with martial arts that he did for 10 years, but after an injury he started dancing salsa dancing. After so years of salsa he discovered kizomba and falled in love with the dance. Dancing some years of dancing he decided to dive more into the soul of kizomba. Travelling to countries like Portugal, England and Spain, he did classes with the best instructors. Now Gordon is himself seen as on of the best kizomba instructors and is frequently booked to festivals around Europe. The feedback he got last time he was in Oslo was excellent, so it is a pleasure to have him back.