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Laura Gaviño- Spain

Laura Gaviño is living in Cadiz Spain. She started as a kid, dancing flamenco and other Spanish dances. Later on she moved over to salsa, bachata and the Latin-american dances. Laura has had different dance partner and been among the best bachata dancers in Spain. The last two years she has joined forces with Pablo and together they have had great success. Winning several bachata competitions has giving them the opportunity to travel to festivals around Europe. In classes and outside, Laura is know to spread joy and fun. She always succeeds to transfer her knowledge to her students in an easy and understandable way.

Jazzy CubAngo – France

Jazzy CubAngo comes from Paris, France. He has dance salsa and kizomba for many years and it was a natural step for him to start teaching. Today he has regular classes in Paris and Toulouse. The last couple of years he has been travelling around Europe, teaching at different kizomba festivals. He is himself an organizer of festivals among others he has the Paris Kizomba Congress and Swimming Kizomba Festival. Jazzy is known to have a very smooth style and is extremely good to make people master the intricate technique of kizomba, even the more advanced combinations.

Pablo Perez – Colombia

Pablo Perez was born in Argelia in Colombia. Here he started to dance salsa and bachata at an early age. After moving to Cadiz in Spain, he joined the student group of Korke and here he met with Laura his dance partner. After some time the couple decided to raise the level and started compete in various competition in Spain and around Europe. They won the Spanish championship BachataStars and come 7th in the World Bachatarte Championship. Pablo is mixing both Dominican and sensual style in his classes. On the dance floor is is know to dance with everybody and is very enjoyable at parties.

Giselle Dias – Bosnia

Giselle Dias was born in Bosnia and moved to Sweden 6 years ago. Here she started dancing Cuban salsa and got into the Latino world. A couple a years ago, at a salsa congress, she discovered kizomba and fell in love with the rhythm and the dance. After that she has been one of the driving forces in the developing the kizomba scene in Stockholm and has been teaching together with several instructors like Joao Rocha, Ruddy Cap and Jazzy CubAngo. Giselle is a very pleasant person and always willing to share her knowledge, both inside and outside of the classroom.

Ingvild Tørring – Norway

Ingvild Tørring was born in Norway and started dancing salsa seven years ago. She is also practices other couple dances, such as bachata, cha-cha-cha and merengue and she has some training in ballet. Ingvild has recently developed a passion for Brazilian zouk. When she tried dancing zouk for the first time, it took her five seconds to fall in love with this beautiful dance. She was introduced to the dance by Adilio Porto. Shortly after she started teaching and spreading her passion for zouk in Oslo, and since March she has been Adilio’s dancepartner in Oslo. She has also travelled abroad and learned from others of the world’s foremost zouk instuctors. Ingvild has an infectious spirit and wants everyone to experience the joy of dancing.