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Lau Rita – Norway

Laura is Spanish/Norwegian and started dancing classical ballet at the age of five. Ten years old she joined the Norwegian National Ballet School and 16 years old she moved to London to continue her education at Central School of Ballet. Later on she explored hip hop and house before discovering salsa and bachata in Argentina in 2009. In 2012 she performed with the show team Ladyshow in Oslo, and in 2013 she joined the professional dance crew Samba Ladies and started performing salsa in couple, both Cuban and L.A. style. Laura and her dance partner won third place at an international salsa competition in Guatemala in April and qualified at the World Salsa Open competition in Puerto Rico in July. Her versatility and ability to learn fast has given her the chance of assisting during workshops of salsa, bachata and kizomba.

Anne-Guro – Norway

Anne-Guro Solberg started dancing jazz-ballet at the age of 10. Then she moved on to swing and boogie woogie. Around 2002 she started dancing salsa and thougt salsa for some years. Bachata was her greatest passion, until she fell in love with kizomba music and started to learn this dance. She has now been dancing kizomba for more than 3 years and are travelling across Europe to different kizomba festivals. Anne-Guro is one of the driving forces for building up the kizomba scene in Oslo.

Theodore – UK

Theodore Wolashie Awadzi aka Theo is the founder of KizombaTk a branch of Dancation Dance UK. He is both the IDO UK kizomba Champion for 2012 as well as the UKA salsa champion 2012 which was held in Bolton. Born in the West African Country of Ghana, Theo has come from a background of dance and choreography. Theo’s dancing and teaching has earned him fame and recognition across the UK and abroad. His excellent teaching style has resulted in him travelling all around the UK as well as Europe teaching and carrying out workshops. He has an extensive background of teaching semba, kuduru, kizomba, azonto as well as may Latin forms of dance . His unique teaching style is always full of fun and energy. His teaching technique is fun based concentrating on footwork and then steadily progressing into the body motion, partner work and styling for both partners. Dancing is his way of Life and this is evident in his classes as everyone leaves with a feeling of self-accomplishment.

Suleika Pauli – Netherlands

Suleika Pauli started dancing when she was 6 years old. She danced for years in the Urban scene. After finishing high school she started her Bachelor ‘Dance Teachers’ study. During these 4 years she did everyday technique classes such as ballet, jazz dance and modern dance. During her study she discovered kizomba. After meeting Selwin and their daily practice, they started growing. A lot of people asked them for classes when they saw the couple dancing, so they decided to start some classes and that was the beginning of their adventures together.
Meanwhile they have a kizomba show together and they are busy with a second show. They gave several workshops throughout the Netherlands and other places in- and outside of Europe. Next to all this Selwin and Suleika have their own dances chool ‘Mistura Passion‘ Nowadays Suleika next to kizomba teaches: street-dance, hip hop, jazz and dance for little children. She is very passionate in teaching technique with of course a lot of fun!

Selwin Fredriks – Netherlands

Selwin Fredriks was born in The Hague, The Netherlands, where he grow up and did his education, taking a degree in Bachelor of International Marketing. Since his early childhood he was influenced by all sorts of music and cultures because of his parents. Especially Afro-Latin music always attracted his interest.
After visiting a salsa club at the invitation of his brother, he was hooked straight away to salsa, bachata and cha cha. In 2011 he got introduced to his passion kizomba and not much later he met Suleika. They started growing together and eventually decided to start teaching together and share their passion with others. They give classes in The Netherlands, gave workshops and perform together at several international festivals. Currently they are working on their second kizomba show together. Next to that they have a kizomba showteam called ‘Mistura Dois’ which just brought out their first show made by Selwin & Suleika. Besides that Selwin and Suleika are running their own danceschool ‘Mistura Passion’. Selwin believes everything is possible if you just put your mind to it.

Henrik Qvigstad – Norway

Henrik Qvigsatd was born in Bergen but is now living in Oslo. He started dancing salsa eight years ago in his home town. While enjoying multiple styles of dance, including salsa, bachata, and West Coast swing, his strongest passion lies with kizomba. Henrik started learning it four years ago, while living in Geneva. In Oslo he has been teaching at different school and also been an instructor at different  kizomba festival in Norway. Today he is dancing together with Alexandra and the two have performed at Nordic Salsa Experience 2014.

Greg Martin – USA

Greg Martin of Afrolatin Hurricane, started teaching and performing 15 years ago in California. He began his kizomba and semba journey in 2009 learning from the original dance master as Maestre Petchu, Kwneda and Ze, while travelling around Europe. Since then Greg has been ivited to teach in Germany, Philipines, Taiwan, San Francisco, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and at festivals in Sweden. He has his own dance company that was the first kizomba focused school in Scandinavia. He has a unique style of pedagogy and feeling when he teaches and performs. He has a passion of the dance and of helping people become great dancers.

George Daniels – South Africa

George Daniels was born in South Africa. Here he has been living inside the world of African tribal dances. Later he was introduce to salsa and felt in love with the rhythm. When kizomba came, he discovered his passion. Teaching salsa for 5 years in South Africa he move to Norway where he started teaching kizomba, bachata and salsa in Oslo. George has been an instructor at most of the dance schools in Oslo and has become a recognized instructor both at the national and International scene. In his classes he likes to focus on how to express sensitivity and emotion in dancing. He is a very passionate, energetic and playful dancer.

Ewa Trela – Poland

Ewa Trela is from Poland and she began her adventure with dance as early as childhood. She has an international master dance class “S” in latin and ballroom dances. She was teaching, performing and competing at many international dance events. Her great love and passion are social dances such as salsa (especially New York style), bachata, kizomba, cha cha, cha, etc. She has been dancing and teaching for over 25 years. Many years of working with the students at the different levels allowed her to develop a very effective teaching methodology. Her classes are full of joy, fun and good energy. Ewa felt in love with kizomba in Lisbon, in 2005, because of her friends from Cabo Verde who introduced this dance to her. Since then she is studying kizomba on many workshops and festivals and sharing her knowledge with the students. She was one of the first dance teachers in Poland that began teaching kizomba when the dance was just beginning its international career. Her dance style is elegant and sensual and she puts a large focus on both: a perfect man’s leading and lady’s following in a dancing couple, and on the musicality.

Vanda Gameiro – Portugal

Vanda Gameiro was born Portugal. She started dancing in her childhood and later on, she decided to dedicate her life to dancing. Vanda is most know for her success in salsa, that has brought her three World Chmpionships. However she has also done a lot of classes of jazz, funk, tango, kizomba contemporary and classical dance. This huge experience in various dance types has made her one of the most popular female instructor on congresses. Styling, technique and musical interpretation are some of her area of focus. In Portugal she has her own school together with Nuno, called Jazzy Dance Studios.

Nuno Furtado – Portugal

Nuno Furtado is originally from Portugal, the country that he have been representing at the international salsa congresses and festivals together with his dance partner Vanda. The couple has won several World Champion titles and are know to be among the best show dancers in the salsa scene. As instructors they are very popular due to their fun and enhancing classes, their sensual style, where they incorporating technique and passion, always guarantees a one of a kind learning experience. In Portugal he has own school called Jazzy Dance Studios, one of the biggest in the country.