About Us

Knut Erik Production was founded by Knut Erik Løvig and is focusing on parties, festivals and workshops for latino dances (salsa, bachata, zouk and kizomba). Most of the events are hosted in Oslo. We have several regular parties, like Salsa at Myrens every Monday, Bachata & Salsa at Sagene every second Friday and Gold Club every second Saturday at Åpen Scene. In addition to this we are organizing or co-organizing events like Nordic Salsa Experience, BachataStars, Kizomba with Feeling, Salsa with Felling, Bachata with Feeling, Tønsberg Sensual Weekend and Oslo Bachata Festival.

Today Knut Erik Production is a team of dance lovers that have their different tasks in organizing these parties and events. The group consists of:

Knut Erik Løvig – leader
Contact: + 47 995 41 277


Jakob Minell – registration


Kasra Tazimi – DJ booking


Kimberly Huttegger – bar