Suleika Pauli – Netherlands

Suleika Pauli started dancing when she was 6 years old. She danced for years in the Urban scene. After finishing high school she started her Bachelor ‘Dance Teachers’ study. During these 4 years she did everyday technique classes such as ballet, jazz dance and modern dance. During her study she discovered kizomba. After meeting Selwin and their daily practice, they started growing. A lot of people asked them for classes when they saw the couple dancing, so they decided to start some classes and that was the beginning of their adventures together.
Meanwhile they have a kizomba show together and they are busy with a second show. They gave several workshops throughout the Netherlands and other places in- and outside of Europe. Next to all this Selwin and Suleika have their own dances chool ‘Mistura Passion‘ Nowadays Suleika next to kizomba teaches: street-dance, hip hop, jazz and dance for little children. She is very passionate in teaching technique with of course a lot of fun!