Theodore – UK

Theodore Wolashie Awadzi aka Theo is the founder of KizombaTk a branch of Dancation Dance UK. He is both the IDO UK kizomba Champion for 2012 as well as the UKA salsa champion 2012 which was held in Bolton. Born in the West African Country of Ghana, Theo has come from a background of dance and choreography. Theo’s dancing and teaching has earned him fame and recognition across the UK and abroad. His excellent teaching style has resulted in him travelling all around the UK as well as Europe teaching and carrying out workshops. He has an extensive background of teaching semba, kuduru, kizomba, azonto as well as may Latin forms of dance . His unique teaching style is always full of fun and energy. His teaching technique is fun based concentrating on footwork and then steadily progressing into the body motion, partner work and styling for both partners. Dancing is his way of Life and this is evident in his classes as everyone leaves with a feeling of self-accomplishment.